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Summer Safety Tips!

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Whether you are traveling to an outdoor destination or doing a "staycation" over the summer, take the right steps to stay safe! There is nothing worse than your weekend or vacation being ruined because of something preventable! Here are some easy safety tips to remember while enjoying the great outdoors.

Outdoor Safety

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  • Protect against those pesky bugs by applying and reapplying bug spray.

  • Check the UV Index for the day and apply sunscreen accordingly.

  • Be prepared for the weather! Check the forecast and plan for any possible changes in precipitation or heat waves.

  • Stay hydrated! Drink a lot of water, especially if you are spending time outside in the sun. P.S. Alcohol does not keep you hydrated. 😉

  • Always wear a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) when participating in water activities such as kayaking & canoeing.

Campfire Safety

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  • Keep your fire small & manageable.

  • Have resources on available to extinguish a fire that gets out of hand - fire extinguisher, a water source, dirt/sand.

  • Teach children about fire safety. Stop, drop & roll! 🔥

  • Always put out your fire properly. Make Smokey Bear proud.

Did you know?

Preventing wildfires is a collective effort that requires everyday people, governments, and corporations to work together to curb climate change and reduce the risk of fires. Here is a great resource to learn about wildfires - Wildfires 101: Everything You Need to Know

Grilling Safety

  • Never leave a lit or hot grill unattended, especially when children are present!

  • Keep a fire extinguisher on hand in case of a flare up gone wrong.

  • Don't use a grill under porches/overhangs or close to any structure. (Pro tip: the siding on your house can, and will, melt 🙃)

Firework Safety

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  • Be aware of and follow your state and local laws/ordinances.

  • Read the safety instruction on the fireworks you plan on enjoying.

  • Always use fireworks outside!

  • Keep your pets safe. Many animals are scared of the loud noises, so make sure you have them in a safe place, as far away from the fireworks as possible.

Take these simple steps to stay prepared & safe this summer!

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