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Bicycles are permitted;

  • On the paved Kishwaukee River Recreation Path;

  • On the paved path at Headquarters Forest Preserves;

  • Paved roads at all Forest Preserves.

Off-pavement bicycling is not permitted; which includes hiking trails and equestrian trails.

Forest Preserve Use


No person shall, upon or in connection with any property of the District:

  • Fail to ride a bicycle as closely as possible to the right-hand side of any open paved roadway.

  • Ride a bicycle on any path, trail, or other area not designated and posted as permitting bicycles.

  • Carry another person on the handlebars, frame, or finder, or so ride on a bicycle except on a suitable seat attached to such bicycle for such purpose, or operate a bicycle in a reckless manner so as to endanger pedestrians.

  • Ride a bicycle more than two abreast on any designated path or trail, or in any other manner than single file on any roadway or road used by the public for regular motor vehicle access.

General Use Regulations

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