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5801 Swanson Road, Roscoe, IL 61073


Kieselburg Forest Preserve is primarily a flat and open piece of land with some wooded areas. It is the site of one of FPWC’s largest prairie restoration projects. Kieselburg showcases several types of habitat including gravel prairie, wet prairie and a restored wetland which is classified as a calcareous seep, an uncommon wetland type in Winnebago County. The seep supports diverse wetland plants including peat moss, cotton top sedge, marsh blazing star, cord grass, tussocks, Culvers root and dozens of other high-quality wetland plants. Both the seep and prairie support a diversity of birds, butterflies and other pollinators.

The long connected loops of grass trails and relatively flat terrain at Kieselburg make it a favorite with hikers.

Other attractions are a model airplane flying field especially for radio controlled model airplanes and a soccer field.

Acres: 211
Access Road: Yes
Restrooms: Yes
Drinking Water: Yes
Picnic Tables: Yes
Shelterhouses: 2
Black Willow Springs: Wood shelter, 200 max. people, 24 tables, 144 seats, No electricity, No vehicle access.
Red Cedar Ridge: Wood shelter, 200 max. people, 21 tables, 126 seats, No electricity, No vehicle access.
Playground Equipment: No
Ball Fields: Yes
Soccer Fields: Yes
Flying Field: Yes
Horseback Trails: No
Hiking Trails(miles): 2.9
Campground Sites: No
Boat Launch: No
Canoe Launch: No
18 Hole Golf Course: No
Illinois Nature Preserve: No
Special Facilities: Soccer Field, Model Airplane Flying Field
Donated Land: No
Natural Areas: Yes
All reservations subject to the GENERAL USE ORDINANCE.

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